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So sue me. It’s rainy and dark and I have to go into town for some shopping and a church meeting. Tomorrow we have another appointment at the VA. I’m grouchy, so I got me some eye candy to brighten my day. Sighhhhh, oh that most certainly is delicious looking.  And before you open you mouth, the Contrarian is free to post his pics of  (the list is extensive, but mainly reflects excessive delight in the  butts of several well known and not so well known nymphets around the viewing dial) various women he casts a discerning eye for.

I continue to be busy. Alas, not always busy with things I  desire to do, but what’s new with that? Housework is a mean mistress, always managing to rear her ugly dusty paws on a too regular basis. I mean why can we just step outside while it sucks itself clean? Who is working on this? Somebody must be–imagine the  payoff on that patent?

I have received two more books for review. I guess I’m being convincing in my requests these days. I’m near finished with one and will hopefully post a review no later than next Monday. You may wonder why all my reviews are positive? Well, quite simple really. I usually know something about the book or a lot about the author before hand, and I choose what I WANT to read. I can’t live long enough to read crap I don’t like. So it stands to reason, I’m usually right in picking something I can rave about. I will tell you when I don’t, you can be sure. Should that happen.

I’ve been getting a kick out of thinking that we all have rather selective memories. Our Senator, Chuck Grassley, only a year or so ago, maybe a bit more was claiming that filibustering was “unconstitutional.” Now with a new Supreme Court nominee looming, it’s looking more constitutional all the time. Gotta do it ya know, no choice. Wrong takes a u-turn.

It seems most of us are forgetful of the fact that much of what we now say is recorded for all time. So when we say the exact opposite, it comes back to bite us. But we do it anyhow, not realizing that a large number of people have nothing but time to search the archives of public discourse and find those embarrassing tidbits of u-turnisms. (I am claiming that I just coined that word, so do give credit when you use it.)

I read another example this morning. Seems our aging matinee idol of the wagging finger, Sean Self-Righteous Hannity has oopsed a u-turnism. He has been berating entertainment blogger Perez Hilton who asked that embarrassing question to that bimbo contestant from California.  Oh, how dare he call Ms. Prejean a “bi*ch! I might well agree. But Sean in his holier-than-everybody on Planet Earth, went on, and on, and on, about how saying such a degrading thing to ANY woman was unforgivable, just terrible and sooo very wrong. Again, we might agree, but…..

It seems that during the T-baggy thingie, one Ted Nugent (aging rock star and big mouth extraordinaire) called Hillary Clinton a “worthless bi*ch” in front of Hannity, and not an eye was batted. Even when called on it later back on his show, he claimed Ted was his personal friend and would continue to appear on his show. So much for calling a woman something unforgivable!

I have to laugh, and I often do when I go to a particular forum. They have a section devoted to Politics 2009 which of course is nothing else much but a place for a ton of nearly insane right wingers to run around waving their arms and crying “the sky is falling” and having vapors attacks, and wringing their hands and preparing for Armageddon. All because a black man who is a dirty Democrat is running the show in Washington. Mostly because he is ungodly and evil and actually may be the anti-Christ.

They have a huge number of forums actually, some quite good, and occasionally you can meet some intelligent people and have interesting conversations. I can’t remember which one had a discussion of  Mel Gibson.

Personally, I don’t pay attention to him. He’s a anti-Semite as far as I’m concerned so I don’t view his work. Beyond that, I find only amusement in his claimed ultra conservative religious beliefs and how he’s dealing with that given his marital woes. As much as I’ve garnered at this point is that his wife (long suffering as I understand her to be)  has filed for divorce, and he has been, for some time living with his girlfriend who is divorced herself and may be pregnant.

As the story has developed on the forum thread, a number of supporters have reminded everyone that “we don’t know his heart” and it’s “up to God to judge.” They keep talking about how if he is living as brother and sister with the girlfriend he is still in good graces with the Church. (Yep, and of course pigs still fly after midnight we all know.) This in full u-turnism from their about face when they talk about various Democrats who happen to be divorced. They are just “adulterers.”

Mores to the point, a woman who declares her clear personal knowledge that “I belong to the only church started by Jesus Christ, and you wouldn’t have a bible if it weren’t for us” is busy u-turning. This same woman who routinely tells everyone of every denomination, even her own, that they are far from pious, faithful, and knowledgeable, is haranguing everyone on the Gibson thread with “ye who is without sin cast the first stone.” “Are you without sin????? ” she rants.  I’m sure she doesn’t see the  u-turnism.

I have no doubt at all that we are all pretty much guilty of this. Our lens get so dirty that we can’t see the u-turn arrow. We somehow see our about face as different than the other instance. It’s good when we are called on it. It reminds us that we all bring our prejudices to the table. Me too. So remind me when I stumble.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to Johnny. I’ll never u-turn on you buddy. No way!

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