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orangutanI’ve spent the last two hours skimming and reading blogs. I been very commenty as well. I’ve perused a good three hundred in total, most of ’em as you might expect, political, religious, scientific, etc.

Haven’t seen a thing that has fired up the old neurons with a good idea to blog about.

Mostly I blame you, since clearly you all have sucked up all the good ideas floating around, leaving none for little ole me.

That of course, won’t deter me one second, as you can see. I’m more than willing to tap away, mindlessly if need be, producing, no doubt a work worthy of reading. Well, you are reading aren’t you?

The pic today, is as you might know, an orangutan, pronounced orang-oo-tahn, not orang-a-tang. It represents “Bonnie” who was unavailable for a sitting today. She is the first known human mimicker among her primate species. She can whistle, something that is, I guess, unknown in her type. But she can, and does.

Just another of those fine examples of how we are all so much more alike than different. So there ya go. Now you can wow ’em at the church coffee hour or Monday at the water cooler.

I believe, you can watch a video of same here!

While you are at it, slip over to Elizabeth Kaeton’s blog, Telling Secrets and read the post “Wild Air.” It’s about hawks, but not really. Just go read it and you will be glad I sent you.  I’m a fool, a joker, a fiddler of words. Elizabeth is wise, plain and simple, and it’s good to be exposed to that as frequently as possible.

I’m always fascinated by my brain, mostly because it often fails to do what I want it to. I forget things I want to remember, and can’t forget things I want to forget. It fails to shut up when I want it to a lot, and that really pisses me off cuz I can see God at the back of the room waving his hand like mad, and I can’t hear him most of the time for the din in my head over “how does a worm know when it’s rolled over?” Crap like that can drive you nuts.

Well, it seems that there is something to my concerns. Brain researches (now they must be a crazed bunch no doubt) claim that our brains live on the edge of chaos. Yes, on the edge. Now, I can worry about falling off the cliff even more often!

Worse yet, it appears that the brain can see a mistake coming about a split second before it occurs. How’s that for being johnny not on the spot? It seems it would make freakin’ sense if we had a bit more lead time wouldn’t ya think? May then WE COULD STOP THE MISTAKE?????? Some kind of humor there God!

It just seems that everything is working against me here. And to beat all, we’re looking for a freakin’ SNOW STORM???? What fresh hell is this as Dorothy would say. No not Dorothy of OZ, Dorothy of Parker. Duh.  Course, I’m not in Fargo, and that is a blessing. What kinda nutzy is that? Flooding and blizzards and ice? I mean this is a planet on drugs or something.

So, it’s Friday, and not the 13th and that means that I can’t fob off any of this silliness on that.  It’s March Madness, yeah, I can blame that maybe. But UConn won and MSU plays tonight. So I haven’t lost my marbles over basketball yet.

Oh, and a good coleslaw recipe here, and a good cocktail sauce here or there, where it’s highlighted. Don’t put them together,that wouldn’t be wise or tasty.

So thanks for reading, and have a good day, and come back again if you think it’s safe. But don’t go in the water, if you get my drift.


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