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sci-bonobo-ape_1I’m not one inclined to make a big to do about the differences between men and women. I recognize that our brains are somewhat different, and therefore we respond to some stimuli in different manners on occasion.

Yet it must be noted, that among our distant ancestors the Bonobo Ape suggests an important aspect of that male-female difference.  Zoologists and others who study these creatures tell us that this creature is closely genetically aligned with chimpanzees, and of course chimps are closely related to humans. In fact we humans are equally genetically related to both.

I am told that the bonobo may in fact be a more primitive form of the chimp, remaining in the trees when the chimp wandered out onto the savannahs of Africa.  They, in fact, are a bit closer to our “common” ancestor.

The interesting thing about the bonobo, is that it is female dominated. Groups of bonobos thrive under female leadership, and things are so very peaceful that it can almost be described as if there were no dominance by either sex in actuality.

The other significant factor in this unique animal, is that it is the only animal other than humans who engage in sex for fun. In fact, bonobos engage in sex all the time, in every sort of manner, and between every possible combination of male and female arrangement.

It’s probably impossible to know which came first, the female leadership or the free for all sex. But we do know that they exhibit none of the aggressive violent tendencies that are found among chimpanzees.

I guess I’m reminded of another Star Trek show where Captain Kirk’s personality was split between the “light” and “dark” sides. It turned out that he was not a functional human being without a melding of both sides. Perhaps the bonobo types don’t have the drive to learn and be creative, things humans have needed to progress beyond the cave. That of course remains to be seen.

But I just wonder, perhaps if we got over our strange preoccupation with what sex was okay, and when it was okay, and where it was okay, we might be a bit better off.

Similarly, we might think about nurturing the qualities of tenderness, care giving,  cooperation and empathy that seem a bit more natural for the female than the male.

It just might make the world a tiny bit better place to live.


dancing-with-the-starsThis is a rant! We ‘re about ready to stop watching DWTS. This is plainly ridiculous.  Last night Denise Richards was eliminated. She was in the bottom two with another woman, whose name escapes me. Neither were at the top of the heap, but they were no where near the bottom from the judges standpoint either.

That seminal distinction went to Steve somebody from Jackass and Steve Wozniak, former Apple genius. Both had failed miserably over two dances in two weeks. They were simply awful, the way that Billy J. Cyrus was awful, the way Cloris Leachman was horrible. It seems that there is always at least one, and sometimes two real clinkers in the mix.

I’m not sure but that the show doesn’t require some audition before being asked, but I’ve read nothing to that  effect. I suspect some “contestants” turn out surprisingly good, and others the opposite, but given that, like I said, each show seems to have at least one, one might wonder that somehow they know.

In any event, the judging is fair, and the three actual experts in ballroom dancing seem to call ’em as they see  ’em .

The problem comes from the fact that the “fans” across the land can vote out anyone they choose, whether from high in the standings or low. They are not limited to the two lowest vote totals from the judges. And that is the problem.

What happens is that it all ends up being a popularity contest to some extent. I don’t know what the demographics are for the show, but I know that certain people don’t slot in well. Billy Ray Cyrus went far far beyond his talent, while other better dancers were eliminated. Cloris Leachman so overstayed her ability that it became such a joke that we quite watching in disgust. Now we seem on the road again to allowing the worst to keep staying for amusement purposes while better dances are kicked to the curb.

I object! Okay, you can say, shaddup, it’s a stupid show for goodness sakes. Yes it is, but I’m not into the Roman gladiatorial if you get my drift. I don’t see a reason to make fun of people for sport, or to watch them suffer as stooges for my enjoyment.

I frankly thought the judges were mean to Steve Wozniak this last go round. He was horrid, and all they had to say was that the man had done his very best, and applauded him for his tenacity and his joy in having fun. Instead they really made fun of him. Apparently they can have another go round with him next week, since he will be back, much to their surprise.

We have a horse in the race, with our Shawn Johnson, Olympian and fellow Iowan. We may continue to watch for her sake. Or, for mine at least with the oh so sexy Giles from France. Oh my goodness my goodness, what a sexy one he is! They are both at the top from the judges standpoint. If either falls out due to the fans, I’m outta here!


stephencolbert1Well, Stephen and company has done it again!

His producers, writers, gofers and whomever, must comb the world for every situation where some government or entity is offering the public the opportunity to name something.

As soon as the Colbert team gets wind of it, Stephen announces it on his show and the Colbert Nation responds. The votes pour in, and Stephen wins. This in the end, causes some countries, cities and such to withdraw the offer. The poor sporting continues yet again.

NASA offered the public the opportunity to name the newest space module to be added to the International Space Station. They offered a few possibilities, but also allowed write-in choices. Well, Stephen has won with some thing like a quarter of a million votes.

Now NASA is backing away, suggesting they don’t have to actually go ahead and name the module after Colbert if they don’t want to. There is some suggestion they might name a “toilet” after him.

I cry foul. The man won fair and square. And it’s not like you NASA couldn’t have foreseen this. Colbert has pulled this again and again, and each and every time, he has won. It’s time to “man up” and take your Cobert Report medicine. Name the module after him and be a good sport, get some good press, enjoy the happy support of another quarter million folks, and learn your lesson. Don’t mess with the Cobert!

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