wishuponhero1While we were in computer hell last week, I happened upon this site from GMA. I wrote down the address, and visited yesterday. I thought you might be interested in knowing about it, and joining and becoming a hero of your own.

It is a wish site, those in need, state what they need, and it is posted. Various categories allow you to define areas in which you think you might be interested. All you do is sign up, find something on the list you wish to grant, and then leave a short message. Usually you need ask to for the person’s address and such.

Many of the wishes are for big items of course, working cars, help with bills, etc, but many are simple and don’t cost a lot. A person may need a pair of shoes for work, or the economic crisis makes it hard for someone to buy cat and dog food, and they are asking for coupons.

I’ve signed up for two and found email notices that they have been answered. The dog food coupon person has contacted me, and another. That was a person who said they have extra room for growing vegetables and give the excess to those in need and was asking for seeds.

Some people only want prayers, and some want cards. I thought that would be terrific for those who enjoy stamping and crafts involving making greeting cards.

You can click on the link on the sidebar to go immediately there, or cut and past this address:


Please stop by and take a look. All over America people are finding ways to help each other by barter and other means. Helping makes you feel good, provides real help, and often costs little in either time or money.

The one proviso I would attach is that I don’t know how the cite vets the wishmakers. Surely, there will be those who will try to scam. So be careful if the person wants a lot of money or big ticket items. You might want to contact the site directly to ask if they do vet and how for the more expensive “wishes.”