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It makes no sense to me:

  • Republicans continue to call a lot of the bail out bill “typical Democratic spending” instead of money to help the economy. Do they have some special way of “helping the economy” sans spending money?
  • Republicans claim that Obama wants a spending bill that will put us in a financial hole forever, with no guarantee it will work. Do they have a plan that is guaranteed to work? If so, let’s here it!


Joy Behar, from the View had a point to make worth repeating:

Cudo’s to Obama for using the words “I screwed up” in reference to the tax problems of some of his appointees. We never heard that from Bush in eight screwd up years!

And a big 😛 supposed to be a tongue stuck out!–to those appointees who lied to the Prez, and sabotaged his economic drive because they didn’t come clean with their tax problems to him privately before all this!


If you need a few chuckles today please step over to Desert’s  Child, and read Katie’s post, What is Butt Dust? It’s that great little kid humor that just can’t help but curl your lips into a smile at the very least!

Or for more adult fare, don’t miss DistributorCapNY and his wacky sense of political humor here. You may never watch Imitation of Life the  same way again. The cast consists in part of Sarah Rice and Condi Palin!


Wynnona Judd was hawking her new album–about pain and joy. First song was about how she was going to keep trying at love. So I guess another marriage down the tubes. She’s also a “paid” spokesperson for Alli that new diet product that’s hot right now. The problem is, Wynnona was all sobbing and such on Oprah a good year or so ago, and was on the way to slimmery. If what I saw today is any indication, the Alli is not working much either. When will these people shut the Freakin’ up about their failed weight loss? The truth is, weight loss like most personal problems, are a combination of things personal to the individual. We are damned lucky if we can sort it out and find what works for US. It most likely won’t work for anyone else anyway.


There is something out there called Blog Roll Amnesty day. I don’t understand what it is. I love the blogs on my roll, most of them are current, I visit them regularly, thought I admit I don’t comment as often as I’d like.


Stop by Agitprop and read about how congressional aides invited Joe the Plumber to their meeting to discuss the economic package. The Contrarian brought this to my attention I think yesterday, and I kept saying “why?” I am still asking “why?” Perhaps the entire lot of them should be fired?  I am still asking “why?” Oh and before you lose you mind completely, it was the GOP staffers who sent out the invite. Making more sense now? Yes of course. Idiots do that kind of thing, idiot things.


Iowans do come up with ideas, and some of them aren’t half bad. How bout nominating Howard Dean as Secretary of Health and Human Services? So asks Century of the Common Iowan. Not a half bad idea in my estimation. Dean had a lot to do with Obama’s win I think and I also think he hasn’t received the cudos he deserves. He’s a doctor too. CCI laid out his further qualifications at Huff Po.


If you didn’t just hate Rush Limbaugh enough, here’s another gem:

Limbaugh: Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.

Thanks to Crooks and Liars for the heads up!


And finally, I recall a chill going down my spine when I learned on Inauguration day that Darth Cheney was not going home to Wyoming. I’m sure that thrilled Wyomians, seeing they could keep out that pollutant, but still. It seems my undefined fears were not baseless. I think our sick piece of sludge is still trying to run a shadow government. Emptywheel gives the details that suggest he is behind efforts to unhinge the Obama plan to remove our military presence from Iraq. Read it and get scared!

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