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limbaughLimbaugh continues spewing hatred and divisiveness. This is the same guy, who less than a year ago urged his followers to cross over and vote for Obama versus Clinton in the primaries because he could not win the general election.

[Obama] “has shown he cannot get the votes Democrats need to win — blue-collar, working class people. He can get effete snobs, he can get wealthy academics, he can get the young, and he can get the black vote, but Democrats do not win with that.”

Now of course, Rush is singing a much different tune. Determined to ruin the President, he openly “hopes” that the President’s policies fail.

The dough boy has urged Obama to renounce his African American heritage, claiming that since he is bi-racial, it is a political choice he makes to gain sympathy. We are to support him, because it is important that the African American President not fail. So thinks the brain dead Rush.

What is pathetic in all this? Today, the dishonorable John McCain was interviewed by Diane Sawyer from GMA. Asked about Limbaugh’s inflammatory remarks, the crusty old man refused to condemn Rush’s incendiary words about wishing that Obama fail.


Why does this surprise me? Mostly because in the end I thought McCain had some modicum of human pride. Obama fairly gutted McCain in bending over backwards after McCain’s abysmal defeat in November. He praised McCain in every way publicly, and any normal person would have felt deep shame after having run such a vile little campaign as McCain did.

I assumed, wrongly it turns out, that McCain would feel compelled to show off his claimed “bipartisanship.” What better way than to denounce the vile vomit of Rush Limbaugh. Even though prodded by Ms. Sawyer to specifically do so, McCain refused and continued to simply claim, “we ALL must succeed.” He even refused to hope that Mr. Obama succeeded, although he gratuitously said at the end, “if this means that Obama gets the credit, that’s okay with me.”Closing he unbelievably said that he “respected” Limbaugh’s opinions! Yeah, and exactly what do you know about the word respect John?

What is Mr. McCain running for now? I am confounded that the Republican party continues to hitch its wagons to the dead horse of Limbaugh. I’m also quite happy. Let that belligerent fool be the voice and face of Republicanism. With 20 million listeners, that means, roughly 180 million plus don’t listen to him. Do the math.


On the octuplet front, more information continues to surface, suggesting that the Feather’s instincts were pretty right on in the post of last week.  It turns out that the mother of said baby producer, suggests that her daughter has been “obsessed” with having children since childhood. Her father, an Arab translator is now returning to Iraq to make money in some attempt to pay the awful bills that will be coming soon. The mother, claims she is moving out as soon as her daughter comes home, apparently not wanting any part of this mess.

We have learned from experts as well, that for a woman that age, at most 4 fertilized eggs should have been implanted, and more likely only two. There seems no excuse for why so many were implanted, or why no one insisted on a psychological referral of this woman.

s-gregg-largeFinally, we note the expected offer of the Secretary of Commerce job to Judd Gregg, Republican Senator from New Hampshire. The word is of course, that “negotiations” are in place. If Senator Gregg were to accept the job offer, then the Democratic Governor of NH would have the duty to appoint a replacement. This would result, if a Democrat, in Senate Democrats finally having a filibuster proof majority.

Republicans of course want some sort of deal, or want Gregg to make one at least that protects the seat at least in the short term, and perhaps also in the long term with an agreement that no Democrat will run for the seat when it is next up.

Getting away from how you enforce such an agreement against the Democratic governor, ethical issues come to the fore. After the sad and farcical episode of Ron Blagojevich, one wonders just what constitutes the infamous “pay to play” mentality.

blagojevichIt is common practice of course in the Congress for trade offs to occur. Give me your vote, and i’ll vote for your amendment funneling money into your district for some porky goodness. Blago’s game was more personal in nature as I understand it, he wanted nothing for his state, but rather cold hard cash for himself, or what amounted to that.

Still, the proposed Gregg offer raises the specter of such dealings and what should be and can be considered lawful and proper. Does not some agreement of who will run or who will be appointed violate the will of the people to either choose their representation, or at least have that choice made for reasons of competence at least?

I’m just not sure where proper agreement gives way to improper bribery. Perhaps you have a suggestion?

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