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women_011208_story2What is wrong with this woman? Truthout reports that some 6,000 women met in Chicago in October to pursue what they call the “true” woman, otherwise known as “biblical womanhood” or “complementarianism.” It’s all just code for paternalism.

Yes, this woman and many others like her, think that women’s liberation is a bunch of hooey, and we should, (take that Hillary), stand by our men.

They are seeking to enlist 100,000 women in their ranks to fight the good fight against the feminist movement, started in the 60’s. They of course argue that the women’s movement is the root of much evil in the world today.

A manifesto has been created, which you can read here. It basically affirms that the signers agree:

women and men were designed to reflect God in “complementary and distinct ways”; that today’s culture has gone astray distinctly because of its egalitarian approach to gender (and that it’s “experiencing the consequences of abandoning God’s design for men and women”); and that while men and women are equally valuable in the eyes of God, here on earth they are relegated to separate spheres at home and in the church.

Nice huh? And this:

The “counter cultural” attitudes that signers support include the idea that women are called to affirm and encourage godly masculinity, and honor the God-ordained male headship of their husbands and pastors; that wifely submission to male leadership in the home and church reflects Christ’s submission to God, His Father; that “selfish insistence on personal rights is contrary to the spirit of Christ”; and, in a pronatalist turn of phrase that recalls the rhetoric of the Quiverfull conviction, their willingness to “receive children as a blessing from the Lord.”

So that takes us back a few centuries doesn’t it? Women, stay home, and make babies and obey your husband. Chilling indeed.

What is most interesting of course, is that this movement is lead by women. Women who write books about how other women should stay home and make nice doilies and perfect pot roasts. Home schooling is also big on their agenda so that their kids will be indoctrinated early and thoroughly on their proper roles in society.

My question always is: Do these women get permission from their husbands for this stuff? I mean, are they being ordered to go out and push this agenda? They cannot, it would seem come to this stuff on their own, that would be unseemly no? They should not be flying around holding conferences, going on book tours, and otherwise running big foundations dedicated to women’s subjugation to men can they? Aren’t men behind all this? According to them, it would seem they must be, yet the books carry female names, and so do the roster’s of speakers at the various conventions they organize.

Something is not quite right here it seems.

One, Mary Kassian, teaches at the Southern Baptist Seminary. That seems wrong on its face. There she instructs men? on their duties in subjugating their wives I can only assume. Perhaps she teaches their new curricula “homemaking.” But this seems odd on its face, because there should be only men students at the Seminary I would think.

It all is counter logical to me. Ms. Kassian has no business teaching anything, certainly not writing anything. These are issues not for her by her own admission. They are things men should be thinking about. She should be home worrying about the souffle for the dinner party that night.

Even though 6,000 attended the meeting in Chicago, apparently only 3,000 bothered to sign the manifesto. Apparently even the willing could not quite swallow that crap.

I hate it when I’m embarrassed by other women who support sexism as the norm. I just hate it.

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