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cheney_elmer_cheneyRepublicans are the humans that keep on giving, even though the Christmas season is waning. That is rather nice when you think about it, keeping the spirit of generosity alive and well.

I mean, golly gee wiz, it now seems that there is a significant proportion of them (Republicans that is) who no longer follow the usual lines of logic common to the rest of us Terran creatures. They seem determined to terraform the earth in a new fashion, in which logic takes a backseat to, well, the limited mental capacity of gnats. Sorry gnats, I had to pick somebody to compare them to.

Dick Cheney, ever living in his own universe as Darth the man in charge, has been compelled once again to state his view of the world, so very different from the rest of us. And of course, Dick makes it most clear that his views are of course the correct ones. The rest of us are “just wrong” prompting him regularly to utter, “so what?” This last phrase has been taken up by the boss-in-name-only-about-to-be-demoted-in-eleven-days-Bush.

TPM reports that said brain claims that there is no need for any nefarious pre-pardons to protect all those nasty folks who did the actual illegal torturing thingies we have all gotten so upset about. We may preemptively invade countries, but no need to extend that to criminals in our own country. The reason you ask? Why because, because, because, because, because, because of all. . . . oops sorry I started down that yellow brick road with Dorothy.

Seriously folks, and we must be serious lest we run screaming down the block, Mr. robot man says that such actions are unnecessary because no one can fairly be claimed to have engaged in any illegal activity. After all, they were relying on real lawyers who gave opinions that said activities were most lawful. Not to worry that they were ummm, told to arrive at that conclusion. No, not to worry.

I love this kind of rhetoric, really I do. Since we all feel so comfortable with the value of Mr. Cheney’s opinions, we can safely rely on his WORD that HE had the utmost faith that the perpetrators of said techniques were the BEST around and “knew what they were doing.” Yes indeed, we are to be assured that the information received from the victims is reliable or was. Cheney says so, and of course, that is surely enough for me.

You can dust off your hands and go onto the next question. Cheney has spoken. Blech.  H/T to The Daily Dish.

Of course, there is more. Only yesterday we related that strange case of fact not fiction that sends Joe the Plumber to Israel to be a war correspondent. It seems there is even more insanity than we thought.

1aaajtpInstapundit, Glenn Reynolds, asks, ” If a community organizer can be president, and a Saturday Night Live comedian, can be a U.S. senator, why can’t a plumber be a reporter?” This from that wingbatshittery nut Michele Malkin and if she says it’s okay, well, it must be.

It seems the media elites (you know, the Liberals, who run everything in the media, wink wink, nod, nod, have been making fun of PJTV, and they have no right to do such a thing. No of course not.  Mr. Wurzelbacher is perfectly ready to take on “Israeli soldiers and get their opinion on what’s happening there.” Meanwhile Mr. W. is busy reading and watching all the media to learn a bit about what he is getting into. Moreover, he was busy learning to “pronouciate” (sic)the words for all those places and people. I kid you not kiddo!

Good luck on that getting Israeli soldiers to give you the “real scoop” on the matter. You ever been around the military much Mr. DrainO?  But as the pipe sweating hunk added, “If given the opportunity to do some good however minute it may be, or could be something really good, you gotta take that chance. You have to do it,” he added, heroically.
In any event, go read the Malkin rant, it’s so purely right win pouting as we haven’t seen in a long time. Being the loser certainly juices ya up there Michele.

What really torqued my sensibilities and caused me to rev up the old rant engine, was this precious gem from our pipe-snaking genius:

Asked if he was concerned for his safety, the flush agent retorted with the sly smile of a cat, ” Why I am a Christian, so I’m sure God will protect me.” Yessireeeeebob, that’s what the super reporter reported! That should come as strange comfort to all the Jews and Muslims in town. Ya see, Mr. Pipe Wrench apparently suggests that the Middle East, and specifically the land under dispute should be Christian land in the first place. All you Jews and Muslims, well, get outta town, now. Joe the Plumber has solved this mess, even before boarding a plane, just convert the damn heathens! Snap!

Oh and what day would not be complete without our very own Sarah story. Poor Sarah has been grousing that gee golly gee, all the attention of the media is directed at Blago and that darn winner Obama, and everyone has forgotten about her, so an interview was set up with everyone’s favorite conservative nut case, John Ziegler, who has a book about to come out about how the Liberal Media won the election for one Barack Obama.

In it, she trashes Caroline Kennedy, slyly implying that her social class makes her immune from the same trashing that occurred to poor Sarah. Worse, she blames “society” for rewarding the likes of Tina Fey and Katie Couric for their unfair taking advantage of both her and her family.

Not to be left out, she of course bashes her campaign handlers for not canceling the Couric follow up interview after the first was admittedly such a dud. But of course, they made her do the second day. Darn those campaign experts.

51488540 In perhaps the funniest retort, Ms. Palin allegedly “shrieked” upon seeing a photograph of Keith Olbermann and charged, “THAT guy is EVIL.” Seems she got that bit of info from her long lost campaign pal, McCain, who also took a jab or two at Mr. Olbermann at a Washington Journalist’s dinner some weeks before the election.

All I can say, is that with this trio, and of course so many more, we can feel safe in knowing that there will be plenty of laughs to go around during the next four years. It certainly has kept up my spirits during this long dark winter of our discontent.

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