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On more than one occasion, I’ve spoken out about the futility of abstinence only programs.  And it seems that my conclusions are once more born out.

Recent studies show that those who take the virginity pledge are just as likely to violate said oath and engage in premarital sex as any other group of teenagers.

Worse, and the study is not sure why, those virginity pledgers are less likely to use any form of protection when they do fall off the abstinence wagon. This means that in the end, abstinence only programs must contribute to more pregnancies, abortions, and STD’s than those who receive comprehensive sex education.

This is sad indeed. Worse, it is, it would seem most immoral to withhold information to teens when so much is a stake in terms of health and the consequences of unwanted pregnancy. Fully a dozen states have opted out of the federal based program, for just this reason. The fact is that states that promote full sex education report that their incidence of STD’s and teen pregnancy are down.

Thanks to Bush and his band of wrong headed religious airheads, teen pregnancy is up for the first time in 15 years.  We are told that the Obama administration plans to revisit the federal funding issue and hopefully make some changes. It would seem the obvious thing to do.

This is just one example of government at it’s worst. There are studies upon studies that show that abstinence only doesn’t work. And yet, Congress dutifully passes legislation funding such programs. They do this in the face of the studies which are essentially ignored. The agenda of the right is being pursued even when it is clearly erroneous. In a time of economic disaster, can we afford to spend money, even so much as a dime on programs that are demonstrably not working?

It’s time to wake up and face reality. Those who really want their children protected will hear the warning and make sure that their states school systems promote a full and complete sex education program.

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