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I keep toying with the idea of doing a “How McCain lost” post. And yet I think it’s too near in time to events to be quite ready. In the meantime MYDD has an excellent synopsis of the Palin factor that is worth looking at. It wraps up the choice quite well in my opinion. Take a look and judge for yourself.

Don’t miss the dressing down that Michelle Malkin gives her fellow Rethugs over their nasty drubbing of all things Palin. I mean poor Sarah, who had so much integrity! So much character! Yes, lying is a virtue Michelle and mean spirited race baiting is a clear sign of a good person. It’s fun reading from none other than that flag ship of truth and justice the National Review. Don’t miss the laugh.

Professor at Harvard, Orlando Patterson, in the NYTimes, offers an analysis of Obama’s climb to the Presidency. He places it in the prospective of history, our constitutional mandate, and the rise of minorities. It’s good reading. He cautions that Mr. Obama is not necessarily the Second coming, but a direct result of several earlier events.

Attackerman has a great post on the Neo-Cons and their search for a new “host.” Randy Schuenemann lost his job as chief of McCain’s national security team a week before the election. That they managed to keep this from leaking is a tribute, since they kept very little else inside the campaign. Schuenemann had the gall to choose Palin over McCain and was leaking to the Weekly Standard apparently. It’s all juicy, and does suggest that that the Neo-Cons are ready to descend upon the unknowing Ms. Palin and attempt to use her as they used Dubya to do their bidding. It does require a dim wit and Sarah would appear to fit that bill rather well. American Street has a similar post here.

Mona at The Art of the Possible, talks about the neo-con phenom and how the Republicans cannot get foreign policy right until they purge themselves of the likes of Kristol and Barnes and others of that Foxy ilk. Her analysis relies on Brad R. from Sadly No. You should check out the link and read it. It’s serious and well done.

Joe Lieberman met with Harry Reid yesterday. I’m told that Reid offered Lieberman a sub committee chairmanship and loss of his present Homeland Security Committee chairmanship. He would be allowed to continue caucusing with the Dems. Lieberman turned that down we understand. According to The Washington Independent, word still is that Reid at leans leans to stripping him from his chairmanship. I think it should be done. Endorsing McCain on security issues is one thing. Campaigning, giving an address at the RNC convention, and speaking in favor of Palin and helping to fuel the fires of Obama’s “socialist, Muslim” connections is quite another. Lieberman went way to far and the Dems need to cut him loose.

Episcopal Cafe has a good report on the Catholic vote this year. Roman Catholics for the most part did not buy into the “non-negotiables” of abortion and gay marriage as calling for a McCain vote. They voted their economic interests pretty much as everyone else did. Similarly, there is a nice post by Bishop Gene Robinson on his meeting with Obama.

This seemed quite appropriate:

Downward facing dog?

Downward facing dog?

Hey, its November with Thanksgiving on the way. And so you have all the excuses in the world to make something utterly yummy and caloric. Try Chocolate Cinnamon Cream Pie! Oh, doesn’t it sound good? Check out the recipe at Epicurious.

And that about does it for today! Enjoy!

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