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What God  taketh away, God returneth, that seems the case here in Iowa, pictured at right, from my own front porch.

We have been embarrassed greatly by the press received for the retired pastor of some no doubt weird church, who had the stupidity and utmost wrongheadedness, to suggest a number of goofy things last week. You remember, Johnny, I intend to win Iowa, was here, and the invocation was presented by said pastor, (let’s just leave him unnamed. No need to give him publicity of any type). The feeble-minded man suggested that first of all there were multiple gods, which might come as a shock to God, who I think usually suggests that there is only one.

Secondly our sage biblical master told us that Hindu was a God, when of course we know that is not the case. Hinduism is a religious in which there are numerous Gods, according to their beliefs. He also suggested that there was a Buddhist God, although Buddhists don’t technically believe in a God as such.

Thirdly, o wise one, apparently keeps counsel with all these deities and they have informed him that they, (the God of Hindu, the God of Buddhism, and of course the baddest of all, the God of Islam) are all doing all in their power to see that Mr. Obama is elected.

Now this might seem merely farcical entertainment to some. But what came next in his prayerful doings, is even more spectacular. He cautioned the One God, the Christian one that is, that should He (most assuredly in Pastor poo’s mind, he is a He), not get personally involved in this election, those other Gods would make the Real God look rather impotent and foolish. Imagine that!

I mean has God ever been counseled so perfectly well in recorded time? Not since the prophets who went out to do battle with the priests of Baal, has such a challenge been laid down. I really expected Pastor Poo to call for a smack down. Let’s get those representatives of priestly sorts from the Hindu, the Muslim and the Buddhists together with a similar array of our best evangelicals (Oh Jerry Falwell, we could have used you for this) and let the miracles begin. I call down rain, and I’ll do you one better, and bring a hail of brimstone.

Gosh, don’t you just love the smell of sulphur first thing in the morning? I mean that is the kind of thing a nation can get behind. No more voting, no more campaigning, just let the Gods fight it out. We have plenty of arenas, football stadiums and such. It would be a bonanza for the folks who run concessions. The T-shirt industry could make some much needed cash for Christmas. I mean really, wouldn’t you travel a ways to watch the Gods throw down right before you eyes?

Frankly, we could use the dough, and believe me you will have to pay for the privilege of seeing God(s) in action. You can’t expect this kind of Hollywood spectacular to come for free. No way, we had a flood here remember, and a really bad tornado. So make your travel plans.

Okay, on a serious note, I suggested that God does return the favor when crap like the above is done in his name. He returns the favor with utter gracious love. And the story below the fold is this:

There has been for some weeks a murder case of note in Iowa. The case is not being tried here, since the crime occurred over two states, and they chose to prosecute in the one having a death penalty. Thank God (seriously) we don’t in Iowa kill folks under state authority. I won’t name names, because that is not important. But I will tell you a tad about the case, although I don’t pay much attention to murder cases generally speaking.

The defendant seems to be a thoroughly bad character. I think he has a record of other crimes before this hellacious one came about. It appears he engaged in or tried to engage in some sort of molestation of a young girl here in Iowa. He was a middle aged white dude, and she was a pretty African American girl, somewhere around 12 or so. I don’t know the particulars, perhaps he was fearful she was going to turn him in, or something.

Anyway, he hired a “hit man.” He had used this person for other criminal acts before, but apparently never anything violent. He hired the hit man to abduct and murder the girl. This was done. The body was found I believe in the other state, which is while the trial could occur there.

This is one of those thoroughly premeditated and cold killings. The hit man turned “State’s evidence” in return for a lesser plea. He testified against the molester. The molester was convicted, and has now, as of this writing, been found “eligible” for the death penalty. More hearings are still due as to whether it will be imposed or not.

Now for the God part. The family of the murdered girl spoke after the verdict and after the jury determined that the convicted man was eligible for the sentence of death. Both father and mother expressed that they did not favor the death penalty, and would be happy with the life sentence. The mother noted that she had now lost two children, and would not wish that kind of pain on anyone. Presumably she was talking about the family of the convicted man.

How does this all relate? Oh not at all in any real sense. Yet to me it redeems my state of Iowa. On the one hand we have our share of disreputably ignorant people like the Pastor, and yet we have just average folks who are amazingly wise and forgiving in their lives here. One balances the other, and I like to think that the balance is not quite equal. I like to think that the grieving parents of a lovely child ripped from life all too soon, and their sane and forgiving response to that tragedy, somehow trumps Pastor Poo and his hate filled ignorance.

Perhaps if we search hard, every day, we can find that on balance, good triumphs over evil. I like to think so anyway.

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