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It seems almost unfair to continue criticizing Governor Palin. One is almost tempted to say, “Gee Sarah, I only meant to suggest you were unqualified to be VEEP, I didn’t mean for you to end up as one of the biggest political jokes of American history.”  And indeed that is what has happened.

We have been in a whirlwind of sorts the last thirty days. Sarah rose meteorically from the first announcement, as journalists scrambled to catch planes to Alaska to learn about this phenom that had hit the political ground running. She was exotic, even though exotic when applied to Obama had come to be a bad word.

She was beloved by her fellow Alaskans. She was a whole lot of things that were directly alleged to make the reactionary right all warm and fuzzy. She was “one of us” as they so proudly proclaimed. Not the wishy washy McCain when it came to abortion rights, she was downright doctrinally pure. NONE, no way, no how, nope nope nope. And whoopie, a creationist to boot. The living in the 12th century evangelicals were ecstatic.

Why we ever got the notion that our political officials were supposed to be “just like one of us” is currently finding a great deal of discussion throughout the blogosphere. Our presidents have never been “one of us.” They have almost always been successful, rich, and well educated. This is not the “just like us” that most refer to. It remains a puzzlement, and will no doubt keep the social psychologists among us busy for some time trying to figure it out.

To say that Democrats were dumbfounded at the beginning is obvious. They had no idea how to handle this strange creature. Finally they opted for saying very little. This turned out to be the perfect strategy. In fact the initial screams of “what in the f**k were they thinking?” came from conservative circles. Pundits at the NRO were screaming foul, until they decided to change their mind after the well-read speech at the convention.

Meanwhile, McCain basked in what he assumed would be a circle of love that would grow and grow until it fairly catapulted him into the White House. Ever the believer that lies are fine if told often, they really turned up the lie-o-meter when it came to Sarah. (I see a book by Sarah on this in a year or two, on how she was forced to disgorge all those lies about “thanks but no thanks” and other such drivel.) If one lie was good, ten are better. She spewed them with such timing and authority.

But the Obama people maintained their cool, and refrained from dumping on the lady. They remained largely silent. While doing so, no doubt they were busy vetting her, something McCain would soon regret having not done. And of course, the media, now here’s a turnabout.

The media has been wildly ineffectual throughout this campaign. They have deliberately given McCain a pass, refusing to report for the most part on his continual gaffes. Nearly every day the campaign chieftains have had to remind everyone that what McCain says on the stump must not be confused with his position. And the press pretty much nodded and reflected the “cleaned up” version.

Yet, they seemed genuinely teed off by being kept out the loop by their pal John. They decided to vet the lady themselves, and as we all know, that started turning up actual facts, and the facts were agin’ the rhetoric. And then McCain really turned up the amps on criticizing what once he had adoringly called the media, “his base.”

Now it was the media, the liberal media, that is, that was to blame. They were sexist pigs, beating up this poor woman who was the heart and soul of American ideals. They were parsing and dissecting every word and quibbling about things that didn’t really matter. “Don’t worry, my friends, she’s terrific and of course she’ll be ready on day one.”

Quietly, the media continued to vet, traveling of all places to Alaska itself, and drawing out the actual behavior of our Super Mom turned politician/maverick/reformer. She had it turns out, feet of clay. She had made attempts to over reach, she had been willing to trample the constitution. She seemed not an intellectual conservative so much as a person shocked to find herself the head of a whole state, and  played with her new toys, guised as political powers. She had not a clue what was proper or improper, she just knew what she liked or didn’t. Law, well, she didn’t worry about legalities.

The war ramped up as the media uncovered more and more, and then it got immeasurably worse. They started to smell a rat. Sarah was not speaking except through written speeches. Slowly it began to dawn that something was amiss here, the campaign bigwigs and empty heads were afraid of something. The clamor began to free Sarah from her captors and allow her free access to the press. This let to all kinds of anger on the part of McCain’s caretakers. “Not until you all promise to be nice and give her proper deference.” And that word was like red meat to a hungry dog.

Now the media knew the gig was up. Somthin’ was very bad in McCainsville. Picking good old Charlie Gibson was the giveaway. But Charlie actually pushed Sarah. Visions of deer in headlights came across loud and clear. This was followed up quickly by the totally idiotic “interview” with Sean Hannity. Hannity prefaced every question with “Has Barack Obama been fair, when . . . .” It was a love fest and McCain’s sweating caregivers hoped the worst was over.

But of course, they knew it wasn’t. Because, contrary to the rest of us, they were actually talking face to face with Sarah. They were teaching her about foreign policy, and economics, and they knew the awful truth. She was not able to assimilate the information, but for a few phrases, which she unfortunately just strung together in unintelligible groupings of inane babble.

Off to NYC for the meetings at the United Nations. Another political gaffe, take pictures but for God’s sake get out. No way were we going to be allowed to actually hear the conversation. The media continued its relentless pursuit. Like hounds after the fox they were determined to run her to ground.

All the time, The Debate looms ever larger as time shortens. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon now, as more of the media, some long-time supporters of McCain begin to question the wisdom of this choice of a VEEP. It becomes essential that she give another interview. It’s just becoming altogether too clear that something is amiss. They opt for a woman, I guess thinking that Couric will go easy? They lost, in the process, any hope of painting a bad performance as some sexist ambush.

And of course, we all know what happened. It was far worse than her interview with Charlie. Almost as funny as her answers, was watching Katie Couric’s face, and she attempted to mentally do flips trying to follow the illogical responses and convoluted sentences that were essentially meaningless. So funny was it on it’s face, that Tina Fey could almost simply memorize the actual words. No funny writers needed on this one.

Following this, the conservative media reared it’s head once again. The NRO again came out and said, “by Jesus, this woman is an embarrassment. John, what were you thinking? Sarah, for the good of the world, make some excuse and step down.” Reports fly that other well-known conservatives are at least reporting privately that they cannot bring themselves to vote for this monstrous ticket so offensive is this.

And what is Johnny boy saying? Oh he continues to grin and say how proud he is to have such an illustrious running mate. One so clearly the favorite of so many. First he shook his finger at the nasty Democrats who were maligning his choice. When that failed because Democrats were not talking at all about Palin, he switched to the media. Now he’s switched again, “What do I care what some conservative pundits have to say. I only care what the American people have to say, and they love her.” Do they John?

Does America love Sarah? Oh yes, a very strange backward one-issue ill-informed group sure do. They don’t know much about politics but they love that abortion denyin’ cute little thing. She would not only cook that moose up in a pan, she would be out there in the swamp with her big old gun shootin’ it and field dressin’ it. She can drop them babies and be up in time to help clean fish for dinner. She would be right at home emptying that beer mug at the local Do Drop In. Foreign policy? She knows who  the enemy is, and she knows its those Ruskies, and other commies. What more is there to know?

Yep John, you have that group of voters for sure. If they can pull themselves out of the bar long enough on election day to get to the polls, assuming they know where that fool place is. And assuming they have voted in an election in the last few years and are still registered. They will be with ya John, you and Sarah girl.

I don’t know who McCain will blame for Sarah’s downfall next, but it sure won’t be himself. Why I even read that a McCain operative on the “promise of anonymity” was willing to comment on Sarah’s Couric interview. “It was just fine, she did just fine.” As the blog writer suggested, wow, it’s really amazing when you want to be anonymous before you will say she did a goodjob. Afraid you will be made too much fun of publicly? Afraid to have your common sense questioned? I bet you are.

I have no idea what to expect on Thursday. I’m told they cannot get through one debate practice. The handlers have to stop in utter frustration at her complete lack of ability to get this. She is that bad. The trick may be more Biden’s. How to not come off as looking a bit too superior. It’s gonna be hard for Joe, the bar has been set, well, on the ground at this point.

Sorry Sarah, it has been a blast, but you’re soon going back to Alaska, and I doubt your ratings will be staying up there high much longer. You have in a phrase embarrassed all of your state. I hear they are none too pleased. It was nice knowin’ ya. I learned how cute it is to drop your g’s. That’s about all I can think I learned from ya Sarah, but that’s somethin’ doncha think? I’ll go and look up if I can find ya some more and get back to ya. And wave to Russia next time when ya are home!

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