Okay, first off and in no particular order, I’ve added about ten new sources to the blogroll. Most are located under “Just Good Reads”, “Political Sources,” and “Religious Sources.” My blogrolls are quite up to date. I visit most of them weekly and weed out those that have failed or changed names. Regular readers might not find much news because I am unabashed in stealing great blogs from great blogs. Stands to reason I think.

This does present a secondary problem. As my list of must read blogs gets longer, I start to run into real time problems visiting them all and commenting. I cannot reiterate enough just how time consuming this is with dial up. I sometimes spend more than 15 minutes per blog just loading the page, and then waiting for pictures, and then loading the comment page. Sometimes I get a lot of “explorer cannot find” crap and have to go back and forth several times before I can get them to load. I have learned a ton of tricks of shutting down downloads so that I can proceed to the next step. Mostly I have to stop the feed load immediately, that lets me usually load the page, but not always, and then, well, if the pics are necessary to my understanding, I usually have to let them load, then backtrack and start over, freezing the download before the pics, then I can get the comments up. See? So I’m sorry if I may not get to everyone every day. Just so many hours, and I have a life away from this computer as do all of us.

Second, I owe a meme to Ruth at Visions and Revisions. She suggested one using one’s first name, add “needs” to it, encapsulate in quotes and google. Then take the first ten full sentences and report to the world what ya need:

  1. Sherry needs This! (Unfortunately they didn’t bother to tell me what that was. I probably do, but don’t have time to see what I need so badly. Mostly I ignore pleas on TV commercials that I need this or that. They are usually wrong. But Google, my can they ever be wrong?)
  2. Sherry needs to keep pub plan simple. (I dunno who thinks I’m an architect but hey, I’ll give it a go, and by golly it will be simple because I have no clue how to build stuff. Four walls, a roof and floor, oh and a bar, that’s essential.
  3. Sherry needs a lot of time to care for them. (Them is my kids,  and I have 4 of them, when I really have six, and they do have special needs. Every dang one of em. If Bear walks into my kitchen with dirty paws one more time!!! and if Kate doesn’t stop throwing hissy fits with the boys!!!!)
  4. Sherry needs the flor. (Well I don’t have a clue what a flor is. But they say I am a mystery. I’m certainly that. Perhaps I need a floor. A literal one? or is the blog a sufficient figurative one?)
  5. Sherry needs no introduction. (That sounded good but what followed is that “this usually means that Sherry needs a control group.” That definitely sounded bad. Is my mental status leaking out again? I thought I had convinced the white coats that I was safe to release.)
  6. Sherry needs instruction in phonics. (Well that is purely insulting. I know my words and such pretty darn good. I know prepositions and adjectives and adverbs and dangling thingamagings okay. I don’t always put them in the right order, but, I doesn’t need any dang instructions from smarmy googlites. Cheeky!)
  7. Sherry needs a Myspace by Grandma. (Oh yeah? who says? And whats a bettyboop watch? I’m still a spring chicken thankyouverymuch.)
  8. Sherry needs more support. (Now you are talking about my boobs? I mean seriously, who programs you? Keep your eyes upward bub or I’ll smack ya. Support indeed!)
  9. Sherry needs investment partners. (Yeah, and ones with dough. Anybody who would like to invest in me, is most free to apply. I’ll consider all entries, but sent the money first. )
  10. Sherry needs out. (More or less, more or less. Out of this cranky meme certainly. But I’m hoping to spend a bit more time wandering around planet Earth if you don’t mind, so out doesn’t mean dead!)

Okay and last, Jan from Yearning for God, suggests we think about fall transformations. I thought that made sense. Making New Year’s resolutions is mostly something I don’t do, the time element just begs for failure. I can slide, because I have months to go. Perhaps it’s a good idea to do three month resolutions with each season. Three months keeps you on your toes.  So I wish to transform in this way starting September first. (I calculate seasons simply on the 3 months to a season, which means fall starts for me on 9/01.)

  • I want to bring order to my recipes and actually use more. I will work on my organizing and will make at least two new recipes a month, making a master list of all the recipes we love most, so I never have to say, “I haven’t a clue what to make for dinner.”
  • I want to organize my spiritual life a bit better, incorporating the daily readings and the daily office into practices along with my current meditation.
  • I was inspired by Ruth to think about crocheting or knitting scarves for those in need. My church has a stitch club, and I’m sure they will accept my work and see that it gets where it needs to. I commit to doing one a month, for this purpose.
  • I want to keep walking, weather permitting as much as I can. I get so much value from it that it has become a real joy. The dogs enjoy the walk, and so do I, although some days that sand hill is a killer!
  • I want to get the Contrarian’s office painted and the living room in the next three months. I have the stuff ready for the office so there is no excuse not to get ‘er done!
  • I want to transplant and divide some hostas and coneflowers and iris and get them into my beds up along the front windows. Also a mostly lost clematis if I can find it.

That about sums up the odds and ends I needed to take care of today. Got beans from the garden to get into the freezer, and then some pics to download and post on a new page of this blog, and dinner to create. Loving the Olympics and hope Phelps wins that 8th. The 7th was a close call! Take care and visit God tomorrow if we don’t talk before then!