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The question is asked: Do we actually want a government that is free from scandal and cheating? One has to wonder and we learn that so much corruption exists in Washington. The lobbyists and the politicians make deals that feather their own nests and billions is wasted of taxpayer money. Bill Moyers and Michael Winship tell the tale of Abramoff and Delay and a host of others, and how the tales continue as we find how Justice was sold, and how Alaska paid for home improvements. Are we ever going to wake up and do something?

New York Magazine and John Heileman has a must see article on John McCain this week. The Mudslinger is the only way he can go and thus no one should be surprised at the tactic. McCain understands he cannot win on issues, so destroying Obama is his only option, and one that McCain backers know their man has NO problem going with. It appears that the only thing wrong with what happened to McCain in 2000 at the hand of Rove and Bush, was that McCain couldn’t do it first to them. It all ends up being a big question mark how it will turn out. It sickens me no end, but conventional wisdom says that Obama needs to hit McCain hard and fast and not stop. It’s the only way to derail the old man mired in the mud. Others suggest McCain will make short-term gains but fall in the end to an electorate disgusted with someone who has no issues to stand on.  You figure it out, I can’t.

I admit to finding online quizzes of various sorts, mildly diverting of work and amusing in some cases. Episcopalifem  has a link to one that is funny. It’s a personality test, testing your introvert/extrovert quotient among other things. She actually has links to a more serious one as well, if you like that kind of thing. I turned out badly,  a crackpot, no less, lol, but it is just amusing, and there is as I said, a link to a more honest and nice assessment. Have fun!

For you Iowans, I bestowed on Essential Estrogen, an award last week. She did her bit and listed 7 more recipients and of course I checked them out, and found one you might enjoy. It’s going on my blog list for sure. This guy takes the most amazing Iowa photographs. I mean really professional stuff. His sidebar has a wonderful list of shots of Iowa birds. Go and enjoy this one! It’s called Iowa Voice.

A nice article at Gardening Tips ‘n Ideas about butterflies. What they like to eat, with a homemade recipe you can do, as well as the best plants to attract them.

Rep. Steve King is a slime in case you weren’t aware. He really really needs to lose his job. He is still claiming that an Obama win would be a great thing for terrorists world wide. He has posted this vile bilge on his congressional website, paid for by taxpayers. He’s been called the worst by Keith Olbermann of MSNBC. I’d take that with a grain of salt, however the Iowa Civil Rights Commission has threatened to sue and Chet Culver says he should remove this incendiary remarks. Did I say he was a slime and needs to be defeated in November?

Maureen Dowd has outdone herself this week. She writes an excellent psychological explanation of what is going on in the McCain campaign. She suggests that the disease also applies to Bill Clinton. And you know something, it does explain a lot of things. It points to an answer for while Bill cannot find it within himself to give a good old fashioned smiling thumbs up endorsement of Barack. It explains a lot of the rather petulant pouting mean spirited cloaked haha junk that keeps emanating from the McCain camp. It’s a good thoughtful read. It’s got nothing to do with anything Maureen insists than plain old envy–Barack is young and the new kid on the block who has mesmerized everyone they way they used to.

I think I mentioned this on my weekly post on “Correcting the Record.” John McDope made a major misstep when he made fun of Obama’s tire inflation plan to help reduce the usage of gasoline. Johnny is beating a hasty retreat and apologizing for it now, as the proof is undeniable that it works and works maybe as good as Johnny’s off-shore drilling turn about. Paul Abrams has a very good post out of the Huffington Post on how this issue may be a a defining one in the campaign. For Johnny has basically mocked us, not just Obama in listening to his oil interests instead of competent experts. Read it and you will be glad you did.