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Whether from concerns about the environment, or simply the need to cut back on expenses, or perhaps for some singular mendacity, lots of folks are crafting. It’s become “IN” and in some cases haute couture. Martha of course has been trying to convince us for years. Alternet has the story and a link to a site that has exploded called Craftster.org.  There are tons of new books out there touting the DIY method of acquiring unique and useful items at way below store cost. Check out the link and don’t miss the link to Craftster. I’ll add it to my sidebar.

I made some Cherry Garcia Ice cream the other day. It turned out wonderfully, but  the taste was not quite there. I used frozen sweet cherries, but I found the taste lacking. I guess fresh cherries? Anyhoo, I thought this recipe from Baking Delights sounded good and she said you can use dried cherries which I usually keep on hand for muffins and bread puddings. It’s Cherry-Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Recall that John McSame was against drilling off shore before he changed his mind and was for it. He claims that he is for it to help Americans who are paying high gas prices. Uhuh, na. We already know that off shore drilling won’t have any impact for years, first of all. But more importantly he gave that speech just before he met with–you guessed it–Republican energy monied folk, who dutifully gave him a whopping 1.3 million the very next day! LOL, and the old guy didn’t think we could figure it out.

Oh just for fun, go to Balloon Juice and read his take on McCain and his lies. Not so much for his post which is short, but for the comments which are worth it. Some guy says Bush is going to pass by his house on the way to a campaign fund raiser and he wonders should he stand on his porch and give him the finger as his car goes by! ROFL. It’s a hoot to read.

Ezra Kleinhas a bute of a post on John McCain and a group called the International Republican Institutewhich he heads oddly enough. From its chairmanship he solicits millions of buckeroos from all the key players he loves so dearly: defense contractors, oil folksies, lobbyists (oh no Mr. Bill!!!), and others, many of whom magically have issues before his Senate committees from time to time.  Course, we shouldn’t think anything nefarious or wrong is going on should we? No. Course not.

While in Jerusalem, it seems that both of our presidential contenders and the one and only Georgie Bush have been interviewed by the Jerusalem Post. Here is their take on the three in terms of ability to speak to the issues of concern to Israelis. It’s pretty much what you might assume, Obama wins again!

It continues to be the rallying cry of Republicans–the liberal media is giving Obama a pass. Nothing of course is further from the truth. Republicans have been saying this for eons. Actual statistics show that Obama is criticized more than McCain and by a wide margin. You see, the so-called liberal media has internalized the criticism and now bends over backwards to appear “neutral” while actually favoring the Republicans. Don’t believe that? Read the fine post by Chris at Inside-Out the Beltway.

Iowa: Anybody paying any attention to the “impeachment” hearings conducted in the House, has seen our Rep. Steve King make a complete ASS of himselfdefending the prez. According to Iowa Independent, Dem hopeful Ron Hubler has hired high profile Joe Trippi, who helped mastermind the Dean campaign in 2004, to run his campaign. This King is one loonie I tell ya, and I am hopeful that Hubler can unseat him. Lets get out there 5th District and oust the idiot boy!

More Iowa news. It seems Becky Greenwald in the 4thdistrict is making a real horse race out of it with Tom Latham.Moreover, Latham is campaigning using the national McCain issue of the surge and off shore drilling for oil. Recent polls suggest that the numbers of the public who favor off-shore drilling is substantially below the 73% mark touted by McCain, in fact it is below 50%. Moreover, Republican national strategists are urging local candidates to run on local issues and NOT to assume a coattail effect. They figure that McCain can’t win. Good news!

John and his troop of merry misfits can’t seem to keep things straight. After telling George Stephanopoulous that “nothing is off the table” when it comes to social security reform, McCain retracts this through a spokesman saying “there is no imaginable circumstance where John McCain would raise payroll taxes. It’s absolutely out of the question.” The inside scoop: the GOP right wing went nuts, and our boy, never particularly sure of what he is saying when he says it, had to back pedal fast.

Okay, ready for some salacious and devilish murder mystery? Then go and read the utterly captivating story of the murder of Charles Bravo. Did wife Florence do it? Intrigue, affairs, oh this one is full of them. And to this day, it has not been solved. Scandalous Womendoes it again, with a thoroughly brilliant writing. It’s long, but she does her stories so well, you can’t stop reading, and wish there was more. Don’t miss it. And in a week or so, she’s doing one on Lillian Helman, one of my favorite women!

Urantian Sojourn has a nice piece on the Bush maneuverings to get the Iraqi government to agree to basically allow an army of occupation in their country for all eternity. It seems that this is not going well with the Iraqis for a myriad of reasons. Propagandee leads you through the sewer of Bush and his Bushbaby plans that have gone awry. It’s the July 31 post, since I still cannot link directly to any individual one.

The Angry African is at it again, telling us next weeks news. His prescient abilities continue to astound those of us in the good old US of A. Must be something about living down there in the South African tropicals. Anyhoo, get your laughter in the ready before you link up and see what fun he has in store for you today. Features this week span the globe as they say. And no, I don’t know who they are nor what they really say.