Welcome to all, especially those who have moved from the older blog “Living Beyond the Road.” I am launching this new blog today and in some respects it will be familiar and in other ways, very different. This one focuses more on my interests and especially on my autobiography. I intend to write the story of my life. It will undoubtedly not be in a strict chronological format, although it will start out that way. I do this for a couple of reasons:

  1. Every story is an interesting one, mine no more or less so than another’s. It is however mine, and if I don’t write it, surely it will never be written. And all stories are valuable.
  2. Reliving one’s life through the medium of story helps when we are stuck. Reviewing allows us to subconsciously move to those issues that are holding us back. We obtain new insights, solve old problems, lay to rest old pains.

Beyond that, this blog will serve a number of others purposes for me. And I have come to realize that satisfying me is perhaps the point of a blog. So I will violate the blogger “rules” and not keep this blog focused on a single issue. I indicated in my profile on the sidebar that I am eclectic, and indeed I am. I am interested in a wide wide range of issues and have opinions about most. I intend to share them here.

In the past, I have found that having once found an audience, I was careful to feed that audience what it had come to expect. That is not being true to self. I have opinions on politics, religion, science, history, and a whole plethora of subjects. Some of them you will not agree with. That is not my concern. If you like what I have to say on some things, it may be worth staying through the things you don’t like. In any case, my resoluteness remains the same. To say what I think, regardless of what is considered proper or correct.

I have come to this conclusion after examining hundreds if not thousands of blogs. I find that the overwhelmingly successful ones of a personal nature at least, don’t try to provide any “service” to their readers, rather they simply tell their story, day in and day out. If some find me humorous, more’s the better. I think I have some wit, albeit dry. I can do sarcasm very well.

As to my life story, some of it is not pleasant, some of it is sad, some funny. My family is typical for the most part, part good, part bad. Everyone did their best, many did so very poorly. I have scars, I have grown, I have been indelibly harmed. I have in the end survived. I will tell the truth, about me and others. If it serves a purpose, other than a personal one, it will be to show that very few have the perfect parents, friends, relatives or home setting. Yet most of us turn out okay. And even more important, we can overcome those handicaps of our past. I very definitely am not the type who thinks I can blame the past for my present. I have to a great extent overcome. I have not overcome it all. I probably never will. It is what growth is about.

I intend also to use this forum as somewhat a filing cabinet to keep things organized. It is the perfect vehicle for organizing and keeping straight, recipes, craft ideas, and sources, together in one place that is easy to retrieve. So I will continue to give you a link to a recipe or craft idea, gardening information, and whatnot that I find compelling to me. I will not however be driven to do this info search each day. It will be as I find them. The point is that I don’t want to spend hours a day at this, just a couple. I have after all, the gardening, cooking, crafting, cleaning, and all those other human endeavors to do.

Some days the reading will be dark and gloomy, for I do suffer from mild depression. I’ll try to locate at least a quote or two to lighten the mood on those days. But, no doubt, some days will be plainly downers. I guess you will just have to take a chance. I’ll be visiting those few friends I have developed along the way, leaving my usual crisp and crunchy comments. Okay, mostly they are “nice job” “funny story” and “lovely pic.” But you know I care. Now I will have a bit of time to actually read them! It was getting to the point I couldn’t because it was taking so much time just to compile both blogs.

I’m not adding tons of blogs to a blog roll this time either. That is not because you guys are not worthy of listing, not by a long shot. I don’t find that I use them much on other people’s blogs, and I suspect most don’t use mine. I’ll be listing mostly sites that I find interesting and compelling to me. Science sites, political sites, history sites. And I doubt many of them. Again, I’m using this as a filing cabinet for me. The sidebar will consist mostly of items I find useful, and the label list is my best friend for organizing. Also, I’d like to list things that I think you should take a look at, things like Kiva, which I had on the old blog.

Well, I have the usual maintenance issues to contend with, as with any new blog, so that’s all for now. We will begin the autobiographical thing a bit later today I believe. Oh, and expect that I will be making several posts a day, so don’t forget to check out the post right below, it may be new too. Oh, and I change layouts and templates often. It takes me a while to get comfortable with a new blog. Blogger templates are quite limited and I’m not nearly talented enough to import templates from outside anyway, so I fuss and fiddle a lot. I wanted my sunrise header but it looks like crap with this template, so I’ve settled for this creek one instead at least for now. Comments and criticisms are welcome. I can throw them away if I don’t like them! So feel free.