Sky Watch #4

I just really loved this picture taken by the Contrarian. He really got a great shot and I love the raying out at the bottom. The red was vibrant. This next one was taken a bit later after the sun had departed over the horizon.

I hope you enjoy these, and I’m off to visit some more of yours too! If you would like to see more great photos,  please visit Sky Watch  today!

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28 thoughts on “Sky Watch #4

  1. Thanks everyone. I have sure seen some fantastic shots today around the site. Some of you guys are simply brilliant! I’m having fun doing it for sure. Oh, if anybody is interested, I’m starting a second blog and am looking for a good sunrise or sunset banner size photo. Only thing I can offer is a permanent link to your site for the usage of same. Let me know at if interested.

  2. Enjoyed your photos! Very nice! Your post about Sarah Palin – and the link to the letter – was EXCELLENT!!! Wow!!

    Very informative – as always!!

    Take care.

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